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With the Internet, have come along a lot of opportunities but at the same time, a lot of unheard vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities which are not something that an antivirus or firewall can stop, people are compromising on the opportunities to stay safe from the vulnerabilities, we are changing that!
Cause the only way to stay safe from the vulnerabilities is to be a DigCit

The real world is full of dangers, but you do not stop a child from going there,

you teach them the difference between

The Right and the Wrong

Then why try limiting their contact with the digital world?

Instead adopt the right and the wrong of the digital world

The ability to use the internet for the good, avoid the bad 🙂
Using the advantages of the internet while avoiding the disadvantages

In short, something really cool that saves you form a lot of potential problems

Internet safety refers to dangers on the internet like viruses which can be dealt by antiviruses and firewalls, it is a broader topic. DC is about using the internet efficiently, staying away from vulnerabilities specifically social engineering, keeping oneself safe and making the most of the internet at the same time,

It is the knowledge of the right and the wrong on the internet.
Learning DC is an essential part of making efficient decisions on the internet

One who can keep himself safe while using the internet to his benefit
One who avoid the vulnerabilities and still use the opportunities.
Someone who can make the most of the internet

AntiVirus / Firewall save a device from viruses while DC is the knowledge to use the internet efficiently, saving oneself from problems like social engineering and avoiding information overload.

Help him learn topics that contribute to building his digital citizenship. They help him make decisions on the internet.
They include online reputation management and so on.

Thanks for your interest, we are a youth powered rocket ship…!
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